Thursday, 3 July 2014

How Life Goes

Have you thought about your life when today is over? Is your life the same as you imagined it would be when you were in the University? Most at times we dream of the perfect life we are going to live after graduating. We dream of the perfect life we want and think we have it all figured out. But what we forget to do is, take our time to plan our lives. Take our time to understand how life really goes.

While it is good to dream about the perfect life, it is also good to know that everyone has a purpose to fulfill in life.  Every graduate’s dream is to get a good job. Maybe you are jobless now and can’t seem to understand your situation. You are overwhelmed by the fact that your mates have things going for them, they have good jobs, travel around the world; they drive luxury cars and have beautiful families. They seem to have it all figured out while you’re still stuck with your parents, who are getting tired of your joblessness by the way.

I’m no life coach but I know everything happens for a reason and until the timing is right, you will never understand why you are jobless and stuck with your parents. This line reminds me of a friend who tried looking for a job after we graduated but he never got any offers. Imagine staying at home for so long jobless and always bumping into your mates who always seize the slightest opportunity to remind you of how worthless you are because you are unemployed. But guess what happened? My friend’s father became seriously ill and he was the only person available to care for him because all his siblings were busy at work making a living. Imagine what would've happened if my friend was also at work trying to get all the money in the world. Who would've taken care of his sick father?

It is time to stop sitting at home being miserable because you are unemployed and start something. Challenge yourself today. It could be volunteering or raising funds / awareness for a good cause. Do you call yourself a failure because you are jobless? No! You have to find the good in the circumstances you find yourself.  There is always something better out there for everyone.

One minute life is bright and hopeful, the next something seemingly mysterious happens. There are times when your dreams are on-hold and times when they come true…cos that’s how Life Goes!

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